2055-lemnos-island-ileThe city of Myrina offers the vistors a discreet and sincere beauty. It has two different sea access on each side of the citadel isthmus. The harbor in the North with its mooring boats, the arrival of the ferries coming from Thessaloniki or ferries which go from and to all the Northern Islands. And
the Southern beach which is completely preserved, calm and favorable to evening walks.
2043-lemnos-island-ileMyrina is very attractive with its shops which are mainly destined to native people, shaded by wisteria on hundreds of meters… You can’t lose yourself, the pedestrian shopping street is covered all along by a refreshing and aesthetic vegetable arbor. The small streets perpendicular to the beach where you can find restaurants, are worth losing yourself. The town starts to bustle about from 9:30 pm and the calm comes back rapidly after 2:00 am. It’s hot during the day in the summer and so the social life of the Island is also during the night.