Tourism ☼

Tourisme à LemnosThe touristic activities start to develop themselves in some areas and they strengthen people’s pendulum movement. The residents come to the Island in Summer time to work in tourist facilities (services, hotels, restaurants…) or to harvest, to visit their family or to find a family house again which is deserted the rest of the year.

The mass tourism starts to settle down. Tourism-lemnos-island-ile Near the golf course of Plati, a huge integrated resort gets a complete infrastructure: swimming pool, village, marina, seaside… An integrated sea resort in all its glory. The very good road which links the resort to Myrina gives evidence of the wishes and hopes given to that sector.

Much more incredible and surprising is the magnificent “ghost” resort in the North of the Island, it looks like a town after a war or an earthquake…rightly.2163-lemnos-island-ile- ghost paradise

It has to be seen for its “exotic” and cinematographic part. Then, if you follow the asphalt road, you can visit the ruins of the temple of Kabeiroi (Cabeiri). It is situated on a plateau just above the sea, it is an outstanding site on the Island.

Agence consulaire de LemnosAnother feature is the presence of a French Consular Agency on the Island. A beautiful residence with a flourishing park (mainly grass…), it is the only foreign delegation on the Island and it could, if necessary, be useful… The French presence is historically very limited on the Island and people find Consulat de Limnoshard to explain us why this Agency was there. The military graveyard from the First World War is maybe the reason why it is there.

Clearly, the Island was not intended for foreigners tourism. A big part of the population had to migrate because of the weaknesses of the exploited resources till then. The “tourists” visitors are Greek from the continent and they come to visit their family, mainly in August. It also exists expatriates from far away (South-Africa, Australia…) who come back in Summer time. To Summarize, it seems that Lemnos welcomes more than 15 000 people in Summer and less than 700 in Winter.

You will pass by few mainland tourists on the Island (very very few!) and most of them are concentrated in Myrina, Plati, Thanos…in comfortable resorts with planned entertainments and standardized meals. In the rest of the Island, you will be alone…