Climate of the Crete Island

Anoula’s travel notebook.

Crete has a Temperate Mediterranean Climate, the island is windy and summer evenings can be fresh, don’t forget to bring a little sweater.
Summers are hot and sometimes very hot.

In winter the temperatures remain moderate. There is some snow at the top of the mountains, but rarely in the coast cities like Sitia. The last time I could swim in the sea before winter was on 1st December. After winter, I started to swim again in mid-march. Ok, it was a little bit cold, but trust me, I’m not the kind of girl, you will see swimming in the North Sea.

There is a legend about the weather in Crete : the second week of January is always a week with a beautiful weather. The legend is true : it really happened when I was there.

The winter is a little chilly and rainy. There is more rain on the north coast than on the south one.

According to me, the best months in Crete are May, June, September and October.
I keep the best for the end, look at the weather forecast table of a typical year on the Crete Island.

The average lowest temperature in winter is 9°C
The average highest temperature in winter is 17°C

Annual temperatures and precipitations averages in Crete

To conclude… you can travel in Crete all the year!