The Crete Island : a contrasted culture ☼

Anoula’s travel notebook
003-crete-island-voyageEnCrete-Com-2In Crete, a big contrast reigns between modernism and traditions :
You will cross new cities full of lights spreading in an old traditional village.
Walking through the ancient streets, you will meet an old little “all in black” woman with a wrinkled face,  standing at her door.

Another impressive contrast you can see in Crete…
On a road : the last model of a branded car overtaking an old all in black man riding a donkey.
But also… I remember my students making the sign of cross when the church bell rang. The night before, I saw them dancing all night long in a  trendy night club of the little town.

Greek people have a great respect for old people, the Elder. The members of the family are very close to each other and it is  not easy for children to leave home.
Traditional Cretan music is everywhere on the island, on each party, each celebration, in taverns or Kafeino (Coffee shops where all the village people meet to drink an iced coffee or a greek coffee, to chat, to listen to music, to play boardgames or to watch television).

In Crete, you will also find thundering modern music.
In the evening, walking in Sitia‘s Harbour, you will hear the music spreading out from Greeks’ Clubs.
Cretan Meals are made at home or in Taverns, they are convivial moments around a wealthy cuisine  made with olive oil.
Cretan Culture is the fruit of a long history, which is craved on the Crete Island’s landscapes with numerous Archaeological sites, monasteries and museums.

A Good Advice :
Do not trouble the Pope or other Cretan going to the church half naked, or wearing a swimming suit, it could be bad for your peacefulness.