Prepare your Trip ☼

2078-lemnos-island-ileA few advices to help you to prepare your stay on the Island of Lemnos…
If you don’t speak Greek, don’t worry, you’ll always find someone who speaks English for you to understand what is essential.
Don’t hesitate to order on the internet a 1:50 000 topographical map of the Island to help you to find your way during your excursions or to find small nice places where you would like to go.
In addition, before your departure, identify on Google Earth the nice coves, bays…which interest you…
Otherwise…I assure you that you will never queue for anything on the Island, even in July…you don’t have to book in advance, except for your accomodation. Don’t hesitate to book your accomodation on  the internet.
Mosquitoes are not aggressive in Lemnos and if you are on the seaside, the wind will take care of them in the evening… I was bitten twice, but our hotel room was on the side of a watered garden…it was a strategic mistake !
About your luggage, you need to adapt them according to your favourite leisure.

The « hub » of the Greek Islands is on the new airport of Athens, which was completely renovated for the Olympic Games in 2004. The Olympic airline goes regularly to the Island of Lemnos and during the Summer time, there is at least a flight a day. The airport on the Island is correct enough, recently renovated, which means that the Island wants to change the image of an agricultural and military island that it had.

What else about Lemnos… Maybe all the adventures that you will live while visiting this exceptional place, still preserved.
The Island invites you to a certain form of discovery which gives you much room for observation, contemplation, understanding, admiration.

Supporters of holiday resorts, watched beaches where you can rent a beach lounge chair and go to night clubs…you will be a bit disappointed, you’d rather go to Crete during the Summer time.

2473-lemnos-island-ile If you’re looking for calm, for a slow pace that takes you back in time, for peacefulness and for a return to a simple and obvious serenity… enjoy in quickly, the Island of Lemnos is waiting for you !

Have a nice trip !

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