Nautical Sports

There are sustained and steady winds on the Island, it is a real paradise for lovers of kitesurfing or 2081-lemnos-island-ilewindsurfing especially on the Eastern coast in the 5 different bays which offer some outstanding “spots”. What is the most impressive is that the places are poorly attended by amateurs…Yet….there are nautical sports of all kinds : introduction to sailing (observation, council, renting…) in the Plati Bay. A more conventional practice in the large Bay of Moudros and also in Khondia Bay which is smaller. Wild and “manly” spots on the East coast…It is impossible not to find what you are looking for.

It is also possible to think of Lemnos as the Island around which you can do a sea kayak excursion during several days. Be careful of the winds on the East coast, and, the Mediterranean Sea is not so wise…But there are anchorages and small protected coves everywhere, they offer safe shelters which are never far away from a path, a chapel, a farm… We haven’t seen any renters and this activity doesn’t seem to exist. If anyone is interested in developing this sport…sea kayaking…go for it !


Myrina Bay protected from winds and swells is very calm.  Barely small waves in the sea and on the beach. You can practice rowing…which is an unbelievable luxury on the Mediterranean Sea.

Boat rides, on a beautiful small wooden trawler, are also organised from Myrina harbor.

Yet, Plati and Thanos Bays are more and more turn towards seaside tourism and so there are more and more clubs and residences full of tourists around. We have to admit that the weather and geographical conditions are quite convincing.

Practising diving is possible if you have your own equipment and that you are quite autonomous, otherwise you can meet professionals in the resort situated in the Plati Bay…

The Island of Lemnos offers you a multitude of opportunities and few of them have been developped. The military function has prevented the Island from all touristic development for a long time and the economic restrictions slow down the Island opening to tourism.