Land Sports

Practising sport on the Island is possible, you just have to take into account the vegetation which is particular, the quality of the roads…2280-lemnos-island-ile
Practising rambling is interesting on the coastal zone although the paths are not always well defined. Before going anywhere, you should check on Google Earth what the paths are like, because they often are cattle paths. Wear solid high hiking shoes with a pair of gaiters to face thorn bushes which often are very “aggressive”. With a bit of patience and perseverance, you’ll find small magnificent desert places.

2200-lemnos-island-ileThe numerous paths and unpaved roads are conducive to discover the Island thanks to a MTB.
According to me, this is the most appropriate land sport to discover the “wilderness” of  the Island. If you’re not afraid of the height difference in the West, it seems to be a good choice, and also for the long distance paths in the South-East to discover the peninsulas… There are fountains in the villages but to avoid surprises, don’t forget to take twice the necessary quantity of water. You can find more rustic bikes, just be sure of the tires good condition and that they are large enough to ride on the sand or on the salt of drained marshes.

2140-lemnos-island-ileCrossing the salt desert, visiting the small desert peninsulas with so calm beaches is possible with a good bike. Even on the roads, because there’s not so much traffic. To rent a MTB is possible in Myrina. If you don’t have so much time to discover the Island, renting a motorbike is easy with your driving licence (scooter or moped).