Shops and Stalls

You will find everything you want on the Island : cash dispenser, shops, etc… The opening hours are different…but it is in the evening that the activity is in full swing. The prices are the same as what we know in France. On the other hand, the restaurants (the taverns) are very cheap and it is easy to eat local, fresh and succulent products for about 20 euros for 2, even if you go to restaurants on the seafront of Myrina.
Renting a car is quite essential if you want to enjoy all what the Island can offer you. The rental companies are mainly situated in Myrina. The Rates are very random and they depend on the seasons. To give you an idea, in July, (we ask the hotel to negociate for us), it costs us 40€ a day. Be careful of the state of the car (ours didn’t have circuit breaker for the Neiman, we had to unplug the battery each time we stopped somewhere, apart that problem, the car was perfect for us). The two wheels or the small 4X4 seem to be an interesting option.