2351-lemnos-island-ileThe Important farming on the Island has considerably reduced the number of wild mammals (if only we consider the numerous cats in Myrina domesticated!). The real peculiarity of Lemnos is  the birds. The Island is an important migration stopover of big and middle sized birds from Central 190724-lemnos-island-ileEurope to the Middle East or to Africa: flamingos, geese, avocets… They enjoy the stop on the winds road towards the heat. The big ponds and the water-filled salt lake in Winter are a real haven of peace for the birds during their trip. Local species are rarer and difficult to observe because of the lack of trees and so the lack of places to nest. Nevertheless the most deserted parts of the Island give real places to nestle to interesting species.115651-lemnos-island-ile
Fishing is practised on the Island but I’m sorry I don’t have enough data about this subject, but when we visited the citadel of Myrina, we could admire the fish in limpid water from the top of the rampart of the citadel. The harbour of Myrina hosts a few trawlers.2164-lemnos-island-ile