iles grecques lemnosThe Island of Lemnos is one of the Northest islands in Greece (Samothrace and Thasos are a little bit further North). It is the 8th island in terms of surface and its location explains some of its historical, social or economic aspects of this little community.
Lemnos is close to Turkey and above all, it is situated in a very important strategic location. It is situated at the direct outlet of the Dardanelles Strait (80 km) and less than 30 km from the first Turkish island (Gökçeada).

The Island is 80 km from the first Greek coast, just opposite the Mount Athos.

Sunset behind the Mount Athos
Sunset behind the Mount Athos

You can see the Mount from the Island of Lemnos, it offers you a somptuous view in July evenings when the sunset is just behind the sacred Mount and that you can see its silhouette from Myrina’s beach.
Because the island is relatively close to the European, the Asian and the Middle East continents, you can find a mixing which is difficult to detect but which really exists on the island.

This strategic situation also explains one of the features of the island and which hasn’t helped it to develop its tourism: the impressive number of military bases. These are mainly represented by “Big Ears”, antennas spread out everywhere on the most important tops of the mountainous region, but also an important air-base and some storage area buried pretty much everywhere.
On a desert beach, you will maybe have the occasion to find the carcass of a tank almost totally covered with sand, it keeps an eye on a long distance of waves.

2474-lemnos-island-ile!!!Be careful!!! Taking photos of these areas is forbidden and the access to some summits can be difficult, and you won’t be encouraged to go further, believe my experience! Nothing serious but some soldiers told us in a polite manner not to stay, to walk or have a look around.

These historic and geographic conditions make Lemnos an exceptional island. An uncommon land which is still sincere to its visitors, if they are curious and respectful. It’s a great rest and contemplative stay which characterizes this island and the trip that you can do there. A so sweet entry in the Mediterranean World that it’s difficult to come back from it without any regrets of not staying longer.