Farming and local productions

1972-lemnos-island-ile Lemnos has a very good reputation in terms of fruits and vegetables production, honey and some fishing products.
In Spring, the Island is green, covered with all what a Mediterranean climate can offer in terms of flavour and colours. Lemnos is a garden which was 2324-lemnos-island-ilealready famous during the Antiquity, it produces a simple cooking but fresh and agreable.
The local wine is maybe one of the best of Greece (according to the native people), you will be able to give your own opinion about it thanks to the numerous restaurants or the local products shops in Myrina. The vineyards are situated in the center of the Island, there are a few in the North of Kontias, just near a small fresh water lake which is hidden very well and which is difficult to reach by car.-lemnos-island-ile