Rethymnon or Rethymno ☼

Anoula’s travel notebook.
After Heraklion and Hania, Rethymno is the third city of Crete with 22 700 inhabitants. You can discover the charming city of Rethymno walking through the narrow streets of the ancient district.
The ancient city is different from Hania which ancient district, as I told you, is near the harbor. Whereas to discover the old Rethymno, you have to go into the heart of the city. Rethymno is a quiet city, reflecting the Cretan spirit and lifestyle. Take notice, the city is a little different in July and August with all the tourists and holidays entertainments.

Rethymno, like many cities on the Crete Island, has its own Venetian harbor, Fortress, Mosques, Archeological museum and many more curiosities!

If you go to Crete in February, don’t miss the Carnival of Rethymon, it is one of the biggest Carnivals of Greece! Its parade is fantastic and convivial, people wears magnificent costumes.

The February Carnival lasts about 15 days during which you can see children in fancy dress, hear firecrackers in bubbling cities and villages everywhere in Crete, but the best of all is in Rethymno!!



Réthymnon en Crète Réthymnon en Crète Réthymnon en Crète