Heraklion ☼

Anoula’s travel notebook.
The Capital of Crete with 174 000 inhabitants is Heraklion. It is the unavoidable City in Crete. The city hosts the main airport of the island and the most strategical harbor of Crete. From Heraklion you can go almost everywhere by air or by sea. Depending on how much time you will spend on the Island of Crete, Heraklion should or should not be the best city to see. Many people will tell you that it is not worth to see: Heraklion is noisy with too many people, cars, planes, pollution and does not offer great historical interest. That’s partially true. In Heraklion, there are no ancient districts like in Hania or Rethymnon, but there are many remains from the Venetian Age such as the city ramparts and its harbor fortress.
Everything depends on what you’re looking for.
If you’re looking for a quiet and peaceful place, Heraklion isn’t the right choice. If you’re looking for a young dynamic city with a nightlife, entertainment, music bars and dancing clubs, Heraklion is a good choice.
I advise you to visit the covered market, it looks like a souk market : a short street with open stalls shops. Be careful, do not forget that the shops close at 1pm or 2pm, it is the same for the market.
Take a walk in the pedestrian streets, they are full of life with people, bright colored coffee shops, dancing lights and music for all tastes. Heraklion’s coffee shops competes with the ones you can find in modern cities like London, New York or Paris. You will find those pedestrian streets near the Morosini Fountain which was known in ancient times for its giant statue of Poseidon standing with his trident. I must admit, after a few months living in the quiet city of Sitia, I enjoyed walking in Heraklion streets very much. Heraklion is 5 times smaller than Paris (20km2) but it is very large and despite of its maze of streets, with a good map, you should be able to find your way and to enjoy its pedestrian streets.
Be careful, the nearest beach is about 3 miles (about 5km) from the city.


 011-crete-island-voyageEnCrete-Com-2 Rainbow over the city falling into the sea
Héraklion en Crète
 Heraklion in the distance
Héraklion en Crète
Heraklion Harbor.