A population of migrants

164128-lemnos-island-ileLemnos is an island of migrants. The descendants of the Argonauts swarmed in all the Aegan Sea and beyond. The wealth of exchanges that Lemnos could keep with the two worlds (East and West) is noticeable among the inhabitants who are the melting pot fruit of this vast ebb and flow of these civilizations.
The inhabitants were seamen, craftsmen, traders… but above all farmers and breeders.
The popular traditions are quite strong on the Island and the folklore is important for the inhabitants. We attended an important folklore performance in Myrina, it told about the story of women and men throughout their dances and their secular traditions. The Turkish influence is marked but the Greek connection prevails.2099-lemnos-island-ile
This performance took place in July and gathered all the different generation and families who came from the continent to spend the Summer on the Island. The exodus linked to work strengthens these flows back to the family sources during Summer time and reaches its highest rate in August.
The gap of the number of inhabitants between Summer time and the rest of the year is meaningful. From 400 to 700 in Winter, the population is about 15 000 during the holidays. Second homes are legion but their number seems reasonable.