Antiquity and The Middle Ages

It seems that the name of Lemnos would come from the Phoenicians and it would mean the word “white”.
The Etruscans will follow the Phoenicians and around the year 1000 before J.C., at the beginning of the Persian Wars, the situation of the Island of Lemnos is going to be strategic and so Lemnos will be under the control of the huge Eastern Empire and the Persian Aegean cities.
After the Greek victories, the Island will be under the control of Athenians first and then under the control of Macedonians. The Romans will follow and then the Byzantine Empire.
112921-lemnos-island-ileThen, it’s the time of the crusades and, at the time of the fourth one (1204), a rich Venitian family will manage the Island. After the fall of the Byzantine Empire, the Ottomans will take over the power on the Island. This conquering won’t leave just good memories to the inhabitants who will keep perennial their Christian religion of their civilization.
There won’t be a real integration and the Turkish garrison will just be a conquering force without any intention to integrate itself. The Island will look sleepy during all this occupancy which will last from 1478 to 1912.